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USA Triathlon Level II Certified Coach

Ironnman Certified Coach

USA Cycling Certified Coach

USMS Level 2 Certified Coach

Slowtwitch Certified Triathlon Swim Coach

Slowtwitch Certified Cycling Power Coach

Ironnman Certified Freestyle Coach

Road Runners Club of America
Certified Coach

USA Track and Field Certified Coach

VDotO2 (Daniels Running Formula)
Certified Distance Running Coach

Athlete Testimonials

I have been working with Bill at Passion4Tri for the past year to train for several triathlon events (The Escape from Alcatraz, The Venice Beach Triathlon, & The Palm Springs Half Ironman). Bill has been an outstanding mentor / coach throughout the training process and his insights / experience have helped me to develop my skills far beyond what I would have been able to do on my own. 

His training guides are outstanding and his willingness to take time to actually teach has helped me improve exponentially in all three disciplines. I have been in peak shape for every event we have trained for together, and have felt very confident going into race day given the detailed workouts and pro tips throughout the various training cycles. 

When we started training for the Escape from Alcatraz I could not swim a single lap in a 25 yd pool without needing to stop and catch my breath. Come race day, I was able to complete the grueling swim from the prison to shore in about 50 minutes with a full tank of gas exiting the water. 

That is only one example of Bill’s value add, but the same story could be told for all three disciplines (swim, bike, run). If you aren’t sure if you need a coach, save the time and energy thinking about it and just reach out to Bill. I have zero regrets and my performance has hit levels that would not have been unattainable on my own. Thanks, Bill! 




I am delighted to write a testimonial for Bill.  Searching for a triathlon coach was a daunting process.  Before meeting Bill, I had tried what seemed like all my options before looking into a one-on-one coach.  After months of researching different coaches, I finally built up the confidence to start reaching out to them.  I was always very clear during those introduction calls what my body was capable of—no more than 20 miles a week runner, a swimmer that would never be fast, and an excited cyclist.  Little did I know, that was all going to change. 

During my first call with Bill, he made me feel very comfortable.  He knew his stuff, and I could tell that he knew how to work with people of different shapes, abilities, and experience levels.  I was impressed that he was always finding ways to expand his own coaching abilities.  It was when he didn’t scoff at my lofty goals that I knew I wanted to trust him with my training.  

Fast forward to today, I am so very close to that start. When my big race was postponed, he kept my head screwed on and found ways to keep me motivated when I just wanted to throw in the towel.  Bill worked with me through far too many rolled ankles, due to my shocking ability to always step in potholes, and he never got frustrated.  He just adapted and made sure above all else that I properly recovered.  He coached me through those tough times and worked with the advice from my physical therapist.  Bill is always encouraging, always supportive, and always quick to answer my calls and texts.  

Looking back, it now seems silly that I thought my body couldn’t handle running more than 20 miles a week, or I could never be a strong swimmer.  I just needed the right help to get me past the barrier I had set for myself, and I needed to trust both my coach and my own self.  Bill has gotten me to where I am today, feeling stronger and more confident than ever, and I am 100% confident he could help anyone achieve the same.